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I highly recommend Fast Plumbing.

I just wanted to comment on a holiday service level that was unexpected- it was indeed fast and fair. Thanks for coming out on a weekend+holiday and resolving our drainage issue. You really made the experience seamless, responded quickly and ensured our Saturday plans remained intact. I highly recommend Fast Plumbing.


Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement Let Our Austin Plumbers Get the Job Done Right the First-Time Around

Our licensed plumbers at Fast Plumbing are able to provide you with reliable, high-quality garbage disposal repairs to get your machine back in working order. If your machine needs a simple repair, we have the tools and knowledge to get it done, and we can even help you choose a new unit that’s right for your system if you need a full replacement. We offer free in-home service estimates from our friendly technicians, and we always make sure to call ahead when we’re on our way!

We offer the following garbage disposal services:

  • Garbage disposal installation
  • Garbage disposal repair
  • Garbage disposal replacement
  • Garbage disposal maintenance

Call Fast Plumbing at (512) 548-8188 or use our online form now and let our experienced team handle all your garbage disposal worries with ease!

Common Garbage Disposal Problems & Solutions

Your Kitchen garbage disposal is one of those appliances you use all the time without a second thought until something goes wrong. Diagnosing a garbage disposal issue usually isn’t difficult, and our skilled Austin plumbers can usually advise you on what repairs you need after a brief inspection.

Here are some of the most common problems you might experience with your garbage disposal:

  • Humming or jamming – When the motor hums softly, the machine fails to grind, or there are no loud noises, this often means the garbage disposal is either clogged or jammed. In most cases, large objects such as bones, small utensils, or fruit pits are the main culprits. Shut off the disposal by disconnecting the electric supply and then unscrew the hex-shaped hole under the sink using a hex wrench. Remove the object obstructing the garbage disposal.
  • Grinds poorly – If your garbage disposal isn’t grinding, even when working properly, either the blades have been worn down or they have broken. The best solution is to replace the entire garbage disposal.
  • Clogs - Water in the sink stands and fails to drain. In most cases, the main problem is the plumbing, not the garbage disposal. Contact our team to schedule a drain cleaning and clog removal service!
  • Leaks - When the garbage disposal is leaking, find the source of the leak. In most cases, there is a loose connection that requires tightening and sealing.

Garbage Disposal Operation Tips

Your garbage disposal is a pretty durable piece of equipment, but you can’t just shove anything and everything down the drain and expect it to work properly.

Here are some operating tips for ensuring your disposal lasts and continues to perform optimally:

  • Do not overfill the garbage disposal.
  • Always turn water prior to use.
  • Use cold water when operating the garbage disposal since hot water can melt various types of fats and clog the disposal and pipes upon cooling.
  • Avoid grinding bones, metal, glass, rubber, or coffee grounds.
  • Never pour chemicals that can cause substantial harm to the machine down the drain.
  • If something is jamming the garbage disposal, shut off the power and remove the obstruction immediately.

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